Custom CAD Drawings & Designs

Thinking about beginning a new project but having a hard time envisioning the end result? Rely on the experienced CAD drawing program professionals at Burns Remodeling. Our general contractors have extensive backgrounds in the CAD program and drawings from Sketchup and will help make your project a reality.
Burns Remodeling can produce pictures, videos and 3D movable models. All can be done through e-mail or with an in-person consultation. Our general contractors can also create designs for outdoor kitchens, pavilions, pergolas and patio covers. They even specialize in layout designs for large interior renovation projects.

Designs should be created for the more custom projects like outdoor kitchens, big pergolas and timber framed structures.

The benefits of Sketchup are:

  1. The modeling interface is good for fast, detailed concept design rather than the more powerful engineering programs like AutoCAD which can take a lot more time.
  2. Sketchup has a model viewing app that can be sent straight to clients so you can experience the 3D models rather than just pictures or video.
  3. If a customer wants to develop and flesh out the details of a design, it's pretty much unlimited. Some other programs have a lot of preset parameters that limit the level of detail possible.

Remodel projects are notorious for miscommunications and unmet expectations. A design helps the contractor and the customer communicate about the finished product before time and money are wasted because of miscommunication. Designs help the customers clearly articulate their vision for a project.

Call to speak to our general contractors today about the benefits of starting your project with a CAD custom design drawing!